It all started with a Hammer...

In the summer of 2013, we had the idea to start selling Kevin's first Thor's Hammer pendant design, the Jörmungandr Thor's Hammer. For years, we had talked about how much fun it would be to make jewelry we loved and sell it at festivals. Now we finally had the experience, the skills and the inspiration to make our dream a reality.

HammerSol is all about combining our passion for making top quality handcrafted jewelry with our interest in Norse and pagan spirituality. From that first Thor's Hammer design, we have expanded our line to include more imagery from the Scandinavian Eddas. Each one of our designs starts with a vision of a verse from the Poetic Edda, or an experience inspired by one of the Aesir. Sometimes a simple walk in a nearby state park with our dogs can lead to a new idea.

From our first festival in the fall of 2013, Central NC Pagan Pride Days, we have continued to expand our appearances at events in central North Carolina and to other states on the east coast. Our goal for the future is to continue to keep making jewelry that not only has deep meaning for us, but hopefully for others to treasure as well.

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